Welcome to Shaoxing Xindongze Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Xindongze Chemical Co., Ltd. (Stepchem) was founded in Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Park in 2006, and we started our business in 2008 officially. At present, we are a provider of custom-made products, and mainly engaged in the contract research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates; at the same time, we are also working hard to expand our business into the contract research, development and manufacturing of APIs. Up to now, we have finished several custom-made orders successfully, and provide excellent services (research, development, manufacturing and delivery) for customers in Europe, Asia and USA, etc. In addition, we are having business negotiations with famous pharmaceutical companies and multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, and striving for getting further development!

Sticking to such idea of "being customer-oriented, talents-centered and management-system-based", Stepchem commits to the research and development of new custom-made products, and strives to offer better and better conditions for attracting more and more talents. There are experienced R&D teams and young backup teams in our company, which is consisted of 25 technicians, all of them have Phd. or master degrees, and 12 have the senior technical tittles. Moreover, we found research and development bases in Lanzhou University, Lanzhou Chemistry & Physics Institute of CSA, Nankai University, and University of Shaoxing, etc.  To get better development, we invested CNY 20 million in the construction of research and development apparatus, including NMR, GC, LC, GC/LC-MS, infrared spectrometer, Atomic Spectrometer and IPC, etc.

Taking "producing the products that we are skilled at" as development philosophy, we are working hard to help customers getting the biggest values. Through combining product quality and customer’s value with the development of our business, we are working hard to offer customers the best products and service. With the development of our business, we are working hard on the promotion of corporate culture and striving to improve the relationships between Stepchem and society. We aim to create more values, provide better service and return our society!